Un Magnolio en mi Ciudad ‘floreció’ en el mes de abril

A Magnolia tree in my City 'bloomed' in April

April is an important month of the year in which three dates are commemorated: Children's Day, Earth Day and Arbor Day; moments that serve to create common awareness of the problems of overpopulation, pollution, the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect...
Descarga material de la exposición

Download exhibition material

With a magnificent crowd, who abide by all biosafety protocols, and with the typical enthusiasm of those who see in artistic manifestations the language of their expression, the exhibition...
Tres artistas y un magnolio

Three Artists and a Magnolia tree

The MAJA Museum, located in Jericó – Antioquia (Colombia), will be the setting for the exhibition THREE ARTISTS AND A MAGNOLIA TREE of the artistic and environmental project El Árbol del Magnolio. The exhibition will open on Saturday, December 11 at...
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