Un Magnolio en mi Ciudad is a podcast that includes cross cutting themes in its narrative such as ecology, social justice and diversity, through stories developed by four central characters who represent life in its different forms in nature: Flora, Fauna and semi-magical beings (half human, half fantastic) who helps us imagine a better world in our daily lives and in our closest surroundings.

Our stories want to connect all children of all latitudes, races and ethnic groups that speak Spanish, so that through the exchange of knowledge and experiences, they can share values that allow the creation of a community that fosters a healthier relationship between human beings and nature.


Listen to the episodes of our podcast; when you click on the covers of each episode, you can download a printable image for coloring. To listen on your favorite podcast platform,  Para escucharnos en tu plataforma de podcast favorita click here

Episode 0

We introduce you to our podcast and to the entire creative team behind this wonderful project

Episode 1

THE ORIGIN: In this episode the audience is introduced to the Calle de la Floresta, where there is a Magnolia Tree in which Magnolia, Wangari, Twig and Spider live. The four friends remember the origin of their ancestors in a short story that is the basis of their personalities and qualities, as well as the origin of their awareness of respect, equity, diversity and justice.

Episode 2

SMOGRO: In this episode, the Magnolia friends meet Smogro, a polluted current of air that makes them think about the excess of carbon in the air and the importance of trees, clean and renewable energies, as well as human decisions to make air fresh and breathable.

Episode 3

TERESA AND OLIVIA: In this episode the audience is introduced to a new story: two neighborhood girls, owners of a puppy that visits the tree, invite their friends to their garden and orchard. There they will learn about renewable energy, composting, butterflies and the hybrid ecosystem of urban ecology.

Episode 4

THE NIGHT EXPRESS: In this episode, we introduce the "night express", a wind current that allows the magnolia friends to fly to other parts of the world and thus learn about biodiversity, and the different cultures, races and identities. The night express will appear in several future episodes so it is important to establish its characteristics and functions.

Episode 5

FALL AND FAMILY: In the final episode of the season, we talk about diversity, respect and friendship, within the context of the seasons. The friends of the Magnolia tree celebrate the first day of autumn with a party, in which each one discovers their differences and their strengths. Despite the differences, equal rights are always the same, regardless of their gender or how many legs they have! The episode ends with a short meditation celebrating the life and family of plants, animals, and humans across planet earth.

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