April is an important month of the year in which three dates are commemorated: Children's Day, Earth Day and Arbor Day; moments that serve to create common awareness of the problems of overpopulation, pollution, the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth.

This is why we relaunched our podcast "Un Magnolio en mi Ciudad" (A Magnolia Tree in my City) to connect boys and girls from all latitudes, races and ethnic groups who speak Spanish, so that, through the exchange of knowledge and experiences, they can share values that create a community which fosters a healthier relationship between humans and nature.

Un Magnolio en mi Ciudad is a podcast that includes crosscutting themes such as ecology, social justice and diversity, through stories developed by four central characters who represent life in its different forms in nature: Flora, Fauna and semi-magical beings (half human, half fantastic) with which we seek to imagine a better world in our daily lives and in our closest surroundings.

For the El Arbol del Magnolio project it is very important that everything we do has a positive social, cultural and environmental impact; That is why we seek to highlight our commitment to protecting the environment through the narrative that we develop in our stories.

Listen to our podcast episodes on your favorite podcast platform by clicking here. On our website you can also download a coloring image with the covers of each episode. 

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