Vivir Bonito is a web series that reflects on issues related to sustainability, the environment and ecology, through the testimonies and experiences of people like us, who have become aware of the need for change in everyday life decisions. This initiative that brings together a group of multidisciplinary voices, aims to promote a different approach to the way we think about these issues, through the example and practice of each guest.

Through an audiovisual series aimed at the whole family with friendly and close language, our goal is to spark curiosity in different areas of knowledge so each person, within their own role, can generate changes and interactions in harmony with the environment.

In each episode, a professional in a discipline or an expert in some specific knowledge, answers very simple questions, formulated by curious children who want to know a little more about ecology, responsible consumption, sustainability, the environment, transformation of emotions, and much more.


Episode 6

Ángela and Mario, from Somos Monstruos, tell us how important it is to accompany children through games and dialogue, in the development of their emotional intelligence and thus provide them with tools that will help them better manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Episode 5

Clara Robledo – Botanist Disseminator

Behind “La Savia Vegetal” is Clara Robledo, passionate about gardens, orchards, fresh food and spreading the important work that the farmers of our region do, so that we in the cities can enjoy a diversity of flavors, colors and textures in our food.

Episode 4

Ana María Benavides – Doctor in Biology

Caring for, protecting and conserving our forests, moors, jungles and nature reserves is not the responsibility of biologists, scientists, activists or politicians alone, each of us with simple actions can contribute to this important task and one way is by sharing how fragile the different ecosystems are. Ana María Benavides, the leader in Conservation of the Medellin Botanical Garden, an expert in tropical ecology and an active member of the Antioquia Forests Observatory (OBA), highlights the importance of safeguarding the habitat of multiple organisms that make up these ecosystems.

Episode 3

Luz Imelda Ochoa Pediatrician – Neuroscientist


In this chapter we learn how to build new realities: it is very easy, we just have to dream. Luz Imelda will teach us how to do it through very simple practices using neuroscience as a tool to transform the future.

Episode 2

Ariel Marcel Tarazona – Teacher, expert in animal welfare and bioethics

In this episode, Professor Ariel points out the importance of providing the 5 fundamental principles of Welfare to all the animals with which we normally interact, whether they are pets, experimental animals, entertainment animals or consumption animals. Furthermore, he reminds us that an animal is not an object and therefore our relationships with them must be based on responsibility and ethics.

Episode 2

Mariana Matija

Activist, Designer, teacher, director of the Planet Earth Fan Club

She is the creator of the Blog Animal de Isla, and founder of the Hola Eco collective.

The projects that Mariana undertakes have curiosity as their leitmotif, that is why by asking, wondering and always learning, she has become one of the top contributors to sustainability and responsible consumption. The friendly, didactic and passionate way in which Mariana presents her speech, makes us click immediately and invites us to reflect on how we are living in the planet that gives us everything we need to exist.

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